Hello! Let me introduce myself.

Thank You so much for finding us! My name is Clare Swann and I am the founder of Camera Creations Design Studio.  I have spent the last 25 years working with moms and dads, business professionals, brides, beautiful babies and high school seniors.  I love catching that real life smile and freezing that intimate second before she says …I DO.

I was born and raised in a small little country town called Augusta Missouri.  It created the most beautiful sunsets, fall colors, and it taught me all about small town values.

In high school I took an “easy elective” and found my calling.  Yearbook club was the beginning of so many adventures in my life.  I followed this to Central Missouri State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography.  After college I worked many exciting jobs until I found myself at a little camera shop that also did developing and printing.  

It was so busy but no matter how long the lines were the clients would always pull the photos out and take a look.  The pure happiness on their faces when they would get the “film”back and see the prints was priceless.  I wanted that for my clients.  I wanted to give them that gift, that look of…. WOW!!!

I was inspired to start my own studio. At 22 years old.  I rented a cute little shop in Augusta and spent 2 weeks cutting my own mats and framing my photography to display.  It was my heart on the walls of that little studio.  

But, I still had to pay the bills so while running the studio I went back to school to become an EMT and then on to attend the St Charles County Fire Academy.  I was hired as a full time firefighter EMT a little over one year after my studio opened. While I worked as a firefighter I always photographed families and weddings on the side.  One of these jobs led me to my husband.  I was photographing a wedding that he was the best man in. 

I have always wanted to go back to that little shop and tell myself to hang on for a few more years.  Now, it has been a few more years.  I have taken photos of everything from teddy bears to Harleys, Including photographing families, weddings, events, homes, and businesses.  My photos have been seen in lots of cool places.  Unexpectedly, the gift I would receive from my photography was that I was able to be a part of so many different and unique families.  For a day or even if just for an hour.  

It has all led me here…. Back to my heart.

Come and visit the Camera Creations Studio in New Haven Missouri. Located half way between Herman, Missouri and Washington, Missouri. I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story.